Pallet Rack Styles

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Since 1989 Southern Handling Inc has provided material handling products & services, specializing in used pallet rack

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Southern Handling, Inc is your single source storage solution provider of new and used pallet rack, material handling products and services throughout the Southeast and the United States.

What can we handle for You?
Southern Handling specializes in new and used pallet rack.  
As a full service supplier of material handling and storage products, we can provide our customers with quality products and professional service.  

Our product line consists of pallet rack, wire decks, cantilever rack, stack racks, drive-in rack, carton flow, pushback, mezzanine structures, steel shelving, guard rails, tables, and protection for racks and building columns.

We can provide design & layout services including permitting.  With a trained group of two installation crews, we can handle small or large projects.  

In addition to the wide variety of rack systems, we can provide on-site rack repair for your existing pallet rack.


We also purchase used rack, assist in facility liquidation, and can re-locate your existing rack.
Southern Handling at 1501 Atlanta Industrial Way, Atlanta, Georgia.  Offering  delivery of pallet rack on flatbed truck and installation. Used pallet rack in Atlanta and the South East, Shelving, Mezzanine, Cantilever, Guide Rail, Guard RailMove or Relocate Pallet Rack

Are you moving rack, adding rack, or relocating your facility?

Southern Handling is a Full Service Supplier of Material Handling and storage products.  Southern Handling can disassemble, stack, band, and load material on our flatbed.  We can deliver to your new facility and reassemble, install and anchor.  We can also assist with design and layout.

Are you closing your facility or warehouse?

Southern Handling purchases used pallet racking and other warehouse equipment.  Call us today at 404-355-3500 for a proposal to purchase.  Southern Handling can inspect and count material in order to provide you with a comparable proposal. 

Southern Handling is a re-manufacturer of Pallet Rack, Cantilever Rack, Guard Rail, and Stack Racks.  We provide Special Fabrication of Tables, Mezzanine, Cantilever, Carts and Rack Systems to your specifications.  Southern Handling sells new and used Steel Shelving, Conveyor, and Ladders.  Do you need Flow Racks or Drive-In Rack?  We can handle that too.

What can we handle for you?

Large inventory of used equipment moves fast.  Southern Handling typically carries the following selective pallet rack styles:

Keystone or Republic Style
Teardrop (Old Style)
New Style Interlake
Steel King
Structural Steel

Protect your Racks

An inexpensive way to protect your pallet rack is with Rack-Guard post protectors.  Rack damage is a problem in virtually every warehouse and rack systems are not designed to be struck by forklifts or reach-trucks.  Rack Guard products take a beating to protect racks with beams.

Metal protectors can crumple upon tow motor impact and metal does not spring back to its original shape.  Once damaged, metal is no longer effective and needs to be replaced.  Furthermore, metal protectors are typically bolted to the floor and upon impact; both the rack and the floor can be damaged.

By using the Rack Guard Air Cushion System, you are always protecting the structural integrity of your rack system, solving your rack abuse problems.  Rack Guard, a patented product, is molded from a semi-flexible and stress-crack resistant plastic.  It minimizes the force of tow motor impact that can damage the structural integrity of your racks and floors.  9 pockets are strategically placed throughout Rack Guard and angled to deflect impact energy away from the rack.  Rack Guard surrounds rack legs, protecting from damage at all angles.  The Corner protector offers 270 degrees of protection.  It is designed to install on the end of the rack installation and can protect both the front of the rack and the vulnerable end.  The Cut-out protector features a cutaway section on the return arms to allow it to be placed on racking with beams located down to 5 1/2”from the floor up to 7” from the floor.  

Rack Guard protection devices are Bright Safety Yellow and UV stabilized to prevent fading.  They are waterproof and easy to remove and clean for maintenance.  Better yet, they are chemical resistant and non-conductive.

One person can install the lightweight (3 lb) Rack Guard in seconds.  Simply position Rack Guard protector around any upright rack leg and fasten the Velcro hook and loop straps. Rack Guard protectors are easily stackable for greater protection.  Save time, labor, and the cost of other materials such as anchors.

As Benjamin Franklin said, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”.  By installing Rack Guard protectors now, you can protect both your inventory and the structural integrity of your rack system.  Rack Guard protectors can save you money by reducing floor damage upon impact and they cost a fraction of the price of steel racks.  By protecting your pallet rack today, you have made a one-time insurance investment.

Rack Guard protection is always on duty under any condition, down to 0 degrees Celsius and can be used indoors or outdoors.  They don’t stay dented and they pop back to original shape after impact, ready to stand guard again.

Rack Guard protectors are available in various styles and sizes.  Each unit is 18” tall and stackable.  Rack Guard protectors are available in widths to protect rack upright 3” to 4”.  The 3” (75mm) is available with a 6” cutout to accommodate horizontal beams 5 ½” or 7” from the floor. 
3” (75mm) with cutout 
3” (75mm)
3” (75mm) Corner/End of Row
3.25” (80 mm)
3.5” (90 mm)
4” (100 mm)

Column protectors
42” high
Sizes range from 4” Square up to 20” Square 
9” Round fits up to 6” x 6”
8” x 10” H (I-Beam) fits 8” Web, up to 10” flange

On Site Rack Repair

Damaged Pallet Rack is an issue in most warehouses and Southern Handling Inc in Atlanta, Georgia can repair uprights on site.  In many cases repairing uprights is more cost effective than replacing uprights.  Avoid wasting time and money by unloading and disassembling racks because many times repairs can be performed in place.

Our trained technician can inspect your pallet rack and determine the best solution for your company.  
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